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•    We will assist you to optimize the return of your investment by getting you a tenancy deal

•    Your unit will be advertised by our team for free!

•    We will accommodate prospective tenants on your behalf

•    You will have an easement in closing a deal

•    Hassle-free documentation

•    We will assist you in monitoring your tenant's move-in and move-out and while

      keeping track of your asset.

•    We will assist in coordinating your inquiries with the respective

      offices in Primehomes 

Why should you enroll in our Lease Assistance Program


How to enroll your unit in the L.A.P.

1. Coordinate with our leasing officer to pre-qualify

    your unit.

2. If qualified, an actual inspection of the unit

    will be conducted by the leasing officer

    including asset inventory (if applicable).

3. Fill out the "Lessor Information Sheet"

4. Provide a copy of two (2) Government-issued IDs.

5. Sign the "Authority to Lease" document

    to complete your enrollment.

6. For an authorized representative, provide a                      copy of a notarized Special Power of

    Attorney (SPA).

Ready to rent out your unit?

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