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Primehomes Real Estate Development, Inc. has been active in the local business sector as a comprehensive real estate development enterprise, having been awarded several multi-billion-peso landmark projects in very prime locations that are set to shape the future of our nation towards growth, progress and sustainability.


With its pool of passionate and talented workforce Primehomes has consistently live up to its tradition of excellence making the company among the formidable players in the local realty development industry.


More than an advocate of green architecture and responsible design, Primehomes aims to change the way we build by developing city block and urban landscapes into an eco-friendly yet multifunctional communities, where people can envision possibilities and explore opportunities. We take pride in creating purposeful communities that become the catalyst for subsequent urban development leaving a legacy of collaboration between man and nature.

“Creating purposeful

communities one city at a time.”


To set a tradition of excellence in the real estate industry through responsible urban building and developments creating sustainable homes and multifunctional communities promoting dignity to city living and lifestyle.


To be at the forefront of nation building, growth and sustainability as compassionate developers creating purposeful communities one city at a time.

“Set a tradition of excellence.

The forefront of nation building.”


Primehomes is committed to excellence in design, engineering, construction and timely project completion to deliver a valuable experience for its customers in the real estate segment.
We shall achieve this by;
✓ Establishing & maintaining a symbiotic relationship with stakeholders.
✓ Providing a growth-oriented work environment for employees.
✓ Complying to all applicable regulatory & statutory requirements.
✓ Ensuring continual improvement of operations and processes.
✓ Practicing & implementing “Quality in Everything We Do!” philosophy.



Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships



We are honest, fair, and transparent in our work



To the people we deal with and from viewpoints that differ from our own



Commitment in working to achieve higher levels of performance HARD



To be productive and dedicated with all the tasks that will be given

“More than a green company.”

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